Chowchilla Adventist School

Cultivating Innovators, Rooted in Jesus

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your hometown Christian Education since 1914.

Our Private School Advantage:

  • Quality, Values based education

  • Academic excellence

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Nurturing atmosphere

  • Committed staff

  • Sense of community


Our Multi-Grade Classroom Advantage:

Single grade classrooms were an invention of the industrial revolution. The anxiety of having to compete is reduced when children are allowed to learn in a mixed grade environment.

  • Less homogeneous, students learn differences are normal and expected

  • Fosters student leadership through mentoring peers

  • Excellent student to teacher ratio (average 12 students per classroom) supporting individualized instruction

  • Independent work is expected, and internalized earlier

  • Students learn at their optimal pace

  • Pre-learning and Relearning




Students from 1st through 8th grade enjoy each other's friendship.


Unique blend of science, technology and agrarian skills:

Come discover our school. Call us to schedule an education success consultation, visit the school or explore online. To see what is happening at our school you can check our social media pages or visit our classrooms in person.